Yellow plantain – 1kg


Enjoy our freshly selected Yellow Plantain from high-quality farms. The Yellow Plantain’s flexibility and flavour make it an integral part of many international cuisines. Whether heated, broiled, or heated up, this food’s significant robustness and charming flavour make it a decent side dish or tidbit. Yellow Plantain is a nutritious expansion to any dinner because of its high nutrient and mineral substance. Add a tropical style to your cooking with our superior Yellow Plantain.

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Yellow plantain – 1kg

Due to its versatility and flavor, the Yellow Plantain is used in many ethnic dishes. Its sturdiness and pleasant flavor make it a good side dish or snack whether cooked, grilled, or heated up. Due to its rich nutrient and mineral content, yellow plantain enhances any meal. Tropicalize you’re cooking with our exceptional Yellow Plantain.

  • Yellow or ripe plantains are a popular tropical fruit with a sweet, starchy texture. These versatile ingredients are used in many recipes globally. Vitamins and minerals make yellow plantains a healthy food.
  • The golden skin of yellow plantains is the main indicator of maturity. Yellow plantains are softer and saccharine-flavoured than green ones, making them ideal for baking and stews.
  • Known for their fibre content, yellow plantains assist with keeping up with stomach-related well-being. Nutrients An and C, cell reinforcements, safeguard the body from extreme harm. Yellow plantains likewise contain potassium, which directs circulatory strain.
  • Green plantains have incredible flavour, sustenance, and versatility. These flexible fixings give taste and surface to sweet and exquisite dinners. Yellow plantains can be broiled as a side or crushed as a filler for empanadas or tamales.
  • A nutritious fruit with many culinary uses, yellow plantains are popular. Yellow plantains can provide baking, frying, and dish preparations with a tropical flavour. The Yellow Plantain is a nourishing addition to any meal due to its abundant nutritional and mineral content. Infuse your meals with a tropical flair using our exceptional Yellow Plantain.
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