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2 months ago
First time in this shop found it very bright and clean. The staff were friendly, food stuff was very fresh. I would highly recommend it to any one. I am not African but me and my friend who are both Scottish found it a very good experience . Learning about new food stuffs and staff giving lessons on how to cook foods of different cultural origin. The goat meat and chicken I got from this food store were the best. Cheers
a week ago
Fresh produce, excellent customer service and brilliant turn around on delivery too. I'm a very satisfied customer 😊
4 weeks ago
Amazing 5* service. Updates provided, as required. This is my go to shop for Ugandan products. Delivery is always on time, as promised. 🙂
a month ago
The reception was great. Good customer relationship. Does everything within power to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend.
a month ago
Nice and clean shop selling African products. Definitely worth a visit. The staff are super nice too!

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Continental and African Grocery Store: A Fusion of Flavours

Bringing the World to Your Plate

In an era where the world seems smaller than ever, with people, ideas, and cultures intermingling daily, the importance of diverse culinary experiences cannot be underestimated. What if there was a place that combined the robustness of continental dishes with the richness of African cuisine? A place where the aroma of spices from distant lands fills the air, where every shelf carries stories of ancient recipes and generations-old culinary traditions?

Journey Through Tastes

Our organization is committed to providing individuals with the optimal combination of options in a diverse and abundant environment. Fremu serves a multifaceted role beyond that of an African grocery store, functioning as a conduit connecting nations, a communal space fostering diverse culinary preferences, and, notably, a poignant testament to the harmonious amalgamation of distinct flavors.

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