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Experience the authentic taste of Africa with our White Gari 5kg. Produced using the best cassava, this top-notch quality flour is a staple in African food, ideal for making customary dishes like Eba, Fufu, and Gari Foto. It’s gluten-free, wealthy in carbohydrates, and simple to plan, making it a flexible addition to your pantry.

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White Gari is a versatile and healthful staple in West African cuisine. This 5kg bag of high-quality cassava root-based White Gari retains its taste and nutritional value. White Gari gives the flavour and texture of your food, whether you enjoy African cuisine or not.

  • White Gari is granular and sour. It may be used to make ‘Garri,’ a tasty snack soaking in cold water with sugar, milk, and almonds, or ‘Eba,’ a dough-like soup and stew delicacy. Families love its versatility.
  • The carbohydrates in White Gari fuel your daily activities. Celiacs can use it since it’s gluten-free. White Gari’s fibre aids digestion and keeps it healthy.
  • Family and individual African cuisine lovers will adore the 5kg set. So you always have White Gari for cooking; the container keeps it fresh. This enables adding White Gari flavour to meals without processing cassava roots simply.
  • Africa celebrates and eats white gari. It represents tradition and heritage after years of preparation and consumption. White Gari is a fantastic meal that honours a culinary tradition.
  • White gari, a versatile, healthy, and culturally significant ingredient, is essential for African cooking and flavour exploration. Its texture and flavour complement appetisers and mains. This 5kg bag of White Gari adds history and spice to your cuisine.
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