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Our 2kg pack of premium white gari, a staple in West African cuisine. Produced using cassava, these valid chips are ideal for making customary dishes like eba or can be delighted in as a nutritious porridge. Experience the taste of Africa’s top-notch gari!

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Many African nations rely on processed cassava tuber-based white gari. The 2kg box of White Gari is ideal for making Eba, a classic dish served with soups and stews. The food is prepared meticulously to preserve its flavour and texture, which many adore.

  • One of White Gari’s best qualities is its adaptability. It goes with sweet and savory meals. Soaked in cold water, combined with sugar, and served with roasted peanuts or coconut, it makes a fast and healthy supper. This makes it a great breakfast or snack.
  • For cooks, this White Gari is a great basis for experimentation. It may be made into a smooth, dough-like Eba or Gari Foto porridge with vegetables, fish, or meat. The opportunities are boundless for exploring Africa’s rich culinary legacy.
  • White Gari contains carbs that provide energy throughout the day. It has the necessary vitamins and minerals and minimal fat. It’s a nutritious complement to any diet, especially gluten-free ones.
  • The 2kg pack is ideal for daily usage and storage. You may have a real White Gari anytime you want since it is packed to maintain freshness and quality. African cuisine beginners or experts need this commodity in their cupboard.
  • White Gari is a versatile and healthful dish necessary for exploring African flavors. This 2kg box is ideal for anything from classic Eba to creative cuisine. Its original flavour and high-quality processing will make it a cooking mainstay.
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