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Enjoy Tropical Snack Plantain Chips, a 12-pack of 35g packets, irresistibly tasty. Premium plantains and a little seasoning make these fresh, exquisite pieces phenomenal. These chips are more grounded than potato chips and ideal for on-the-go munching. Every crisp mouthful of plantains tastes unusual. Perfect for gatherings, picnics, and snacking.

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Experience a tropical paradise with Tropical Snack Plantain Chips’ crunchy, delicious bites. This 12-pack of 35g bags is a healthier, tastier alternative to potato chips for snacking. These tasty chips are made from carefully picked plantains and give the sweet and savoury flavours only plantains can provide.

  • Each bag of Tropical Snack Plantain Chips is crunchy and tasty. Thinly cut and perfectly fried plantains attain the right crispy texture and natural sweetness. These light, crunchy plantain chips are hard to resist compared to other snacks that are hefty or processed.
  • Delicious and healthy, these chips are a great snack. Plantains give fiber, nutrients A and C, and potassium, making these chips a healthy, guilt-free snack. At work, on the road, or at home, Tropic.0
  • With the 12-pack, you may have a delicious snack whenever you want. You may easily enjoy a snack without going overboard since each 35g bag has just the appropriate amount for one serving.
  • Tropical Snack Plantain Chips go well alone or with your favourite dips and salsas. These plantain chips are delicious alone or in a snack spread. Their distinctive flavour and crunchy texture make them perfect for any occasion.
  • For everyone seeking a snack option that is both delicious and beneficial for them, the Tropical Snack Plantain Chips are a necessity to try. The Tropical Snack Plantain Chips are a wonderful tropical treat that is certain to captivate your taste sensations, regardless of whether you choose to consume them on their own or mix them with your chosen dip.
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