Tea Masala-100g


Fremu’s 100g masala tea box offers rich, fragrant flavours. The ideal combination of tea leaves and spices makes this masala tea a delicious variation on your daily cup. Experience warmth and comfort in every sip with this wonderful mix.

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Enhance your tea experience with our Tea Masala. This masala enhances your daily tea with its delicious spices. The flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and more dance on your palette with each drink.

  • Our tea masala is a tradition, not merely a spice combination. This blend represents Indian tea culture’s rich tradition, passed down through centuries. It makes tea warm and spicy, making each cup comfortable and tasty.
  • Our Tea Masala may be used in cooking as well as tea. Sprinkle it on your favourite foods for a distinctive taste. Our Tea Masala will enhance your cooking and wow your visitors.
  • Enjoy authentic Indian tea culture with our Tea Masala. This masala, made with premium ingredients and mixed to perfection, is essential for tea lovers. Add it to your tea collection now to enrich your tea sipping experience.
  • Taste our Tea Masala and experience a unique gastronomic sensation. The aromatic spices that are used in this masala will leave your taste buds wanting more and will leave you wanting more. So why delay? Experience the wonder of our Tea Masala now.
  • Use our Tea Masala to enhance your tea experience. This masala, handmade with love, is great for cosy teatimes. Our Tea Masala will spice up your life, whether you’re a tea enthusiast or just starting out.
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