Tabitha’s Chin Chin -140g


Tabitha’s Chin Chin is real Nigerian food. This favourite snack goes well alone or with tea or coffee. Tabitha’s Chin Chin is crunchy, sweet, and seductive, made from flour, sugar, and butter. Each bite is flavorful, bringing West Africa to snack time. Tabitha’s Chin Chin is perfect for a unique dessert or Nigerian cuisine.

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Tabitha’s Chin Chin -140g

Perfect snack to have on the go! With a great crunchy taste & Great flavour!

Classic West African dish Tabitha’s Chin Chin is excellent any time of day. The 140g pack of crispy, golden-brown chunks will satisfy you. Adults and children love Tabitha’s Chin Chin, a sweet and salty treat made from wheat, sugar, and other natural components.

  • Tabletha’s Chin Chin is a cultural experience, not just a nibble. Nigerian Chin Chin is a popular snack in West Africa and beyond. Tabitha’s Chin Chin takes you through the region’s diverse culinary traditions with each taste. It’s a flexible delicacy that goes with tea, dessert, or snacks.
  • Quality and freshness distinguish Tabitha’s Chin Chin. Each pack has the true Chin Chin taste since the components are carefully chosen. A 140g bag makes the snack handy to transport and enjoy with friends and family.
  • Healthy folks should try Tabitha’s, Chin Chin. No artificial preservatives or tastes make it a pleasant, healthful snack. Its crispy texture makes it irresistible.
  • Besides tasting excellent, Tabitha’s Chin Chin is a great way to try a new snack. This snack is ideal for trying various flavours and cuisines. It’s a little way to taste Africa’s diverse cuisine at home.
  • Tabitha’s Chin Chin celebrates culture, tradition, and flavour, not simply food. If you like Chin Chin or are experiencing it for the first time, this 140g box will satisfy your cravings.
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