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Find the flawless taste of our stockfish tusk, obtained from the pristine waters of Norway. Partake in the rich flavour and firm texture of this traditional delicacy, ideal for various culinary creations. Shop now for the best quality stockfish.

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Many civilizations eat stockfish or dried cod. Our premium stockfish tusk from the cool, clear North Atlantic has a unique flavour and texture. To retain taste and nutrients, each piece is meticulously picked and dried using traditional processes, resulting in a delightful and healthy product.

  • Traditional cod drying has been refined over decades. This process increases fish shelf life and concentrates flavour, creating a unique and powerful taste experience. Tusks, or bromes, are cod-related fish with solid, white flesh and a mild, sweet taste. The increased qualities of stockfish make it a popular addition in many recipes.
  • Stockfish may be used in many dishes. It is essential to traditional foods like Italian “baccalà” and Nigerian “okporoko.” The richness of taste it adds to soups, stews, and sauces is unequalled by fresh fish. Its high protein, vitamin, and mineral content makes it a healthy meal complement.
  • Our stockfish tusk is meticulously prepared. It is air-dried in a controlled atmosphere for optimal texture and taste. This rigorous method produces a natural, wholesome food without additives or preservatives.
  • The options for stockfish preparation are infinite. Flake it into meals after soaking and simmering until soft for a taste boost. It tastes well with powerful spices like garlic, chilli, and parsley and may enhance classic dishes or inspire new ones.
  • The culinary heritage of drying fish is reflected in our premium stockfish tusk. Chefs and household cooks need it for its flavour, nutrition, and adaptability. This stockfish tusk will dazzle whether you’re recreating a classic or trying new recipes.
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