Okra – 1kg


Experience excellent farm-fresh Okra’s natural deliciousness. Okra is utilized in many dishes because of its nutrients, minerals, and cancer-prevention agents. The kind of our newly gathered okra is perfect in soups, stews, and pan-sears. Okra has fibre and few calories, making it healthy.

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Okra – 1kg

1kg containers of healthful and multifunctional okra are available. Kitchens worldwide utilize “ladies’ fingers”—a green, finger-shaped vegetable with a unique texture and health advantages. Our 1kg okra bundle is perfect for experiments or additions to your favourite recipes.

  • Okra has nutritional value and a crisp-to-tender texture. Vitamins A and C boost immunity and eye health. It also has fibre for intestinal health and digestion. Dieters can benefit from okra’s minimal calories.
  • Okra adds a delicious flavour to meals and is easy to include. Frying, stewing, or salads are all options. Its mild taste complements many flavours, making it useful in soups, curries, and sides. Okra is often roasted till crispy, which reduces its sliminess and makes it a crunchy snack or side.
  • Okra is a staple in many international dishes. Indians produce a delightful flatbread-friendly sabzi with spices and tomatoes. Southern stews like gumbo include okra for texture and flavor. You can learn about this versatile vegetable and enjoy these meals.
  • Our 1kg okra pack is hand-picked for quality. The vegetables are selected fresh and wrapped carefully to preserve texture and nutrition. This devotion to quality lets you experience the finest of okra in everyday cooking and extraordinary recipes.
  • Enjoy the health benefits and culinary diversity of okra with our 1kg box. Okra offers several ways to add nutrients and taste to your meals. Explore the numerous wonderful ways to cook with this great vegetable now.
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