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Numa Bushera will give you a taste of Africa! This traditional soured drink has a unique and pleasant taste and is made from wheat and maize. You can drink Numa Bushera cold as a tasty drink or mix it with other drinks to make cocktails. With every sip of Numa Bushera, you can learn about the rich culture history of Africa.

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Numa Bushera is a native soured drink from Rwanda that has a long past and is important to the culture. This cool drink, which is usually made from sorghum or grain, is a mainstay in Rwandan homes and is often drunk at parties and other events.

  • The first step in making Numa Bushera is to let sorghum or millet flour ferment in water. After being squeezed to get rid of any lumps, this blend is left with a clear, slightly sour drink. Through a process called fermentation, Numa Bushera gets its unique taste and fizz, like a lightly fizzy drink.

  • Numa Bushera’s healthiness is a plus. Choosing this drink is healthful. The minimal fat and calories of Numa Bushera make it a good alternative to sugary beverages.

  • Numa Bushera is more than just a drink in Rwanda; it’s a sign of community and unity. It’s often shared with family and friends as a sign of friendship and kindness. Numa Bushera drinking is a social activity that brings people together and makes ties stronger.

  • Numa Bushera has several talents. People normally drink it alone, but it may be used as a cocktail basis or blended with other beverages to produce something fresh and delightful.

  • Numa Bushera is a tasty and culturally important drink that gives you a taste of Rwandan custom. Numa Bushera has a unique flavour and cultural meaning that will stick with you whether you drink it by itself or mix it with other drinks.

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