Nestle – Honey Cerelac – 1kg


Introducing a healthy and nutritious option for your little one, this 1kg pack of baby food is specially formulated to support your baby’s healthy growth and development.

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Find a healthy and nutritious choice for your little one with this 1kg pack of baby food. This item is intended to supplement your baby’s sound development and advancement.

  • Made with top-notch fixings, this baby food is delicate on your baby’s fragile stomach. It is easy to process, making it reasonable for children to progress to solid foods. This baby food is intended to be a helpful choice for occupied guardians. Blend it with water or milk for a silky surface your baby will love.
  • Stacked with supplements and minerals, this baby food helps support your baby’s immune system and, taking everything into account, being. It is progressed with iron, calcium, and other significant enhancements for your baby’s turn of events and improvement.
  • This baby food is reasonable for infants from a half year onwards and is an incredible method for acquainting new flavors and surfaces with your baby’s eating regimen. It is intended to be easy to swallow, making it ideal for infants to figure out how to eat spicy foods.
  • Whether at home or in a hurry, this baby food helps care for your little one. The resealable pack guarantees the food remains crisp, making it ideal for movement or days out.
  • This nutritious and delightful baby food gives your baby the best beginning. Its painstakingly chosen fixings and advantageous bundling make it the ideal decision for occupied guardians who must give their baby the best. This kid-favorite baby food will rule feasts. It makes babies unique without artificial colors, flavors, or chemicals.
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