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Taste East Africa with our 1kg Matoke bundle. These green bananas from top farms are ideal for classic and creative recipes. Matoke is simple to make, full of nutrients, and has a distinct flavor that will delight your taste buds. Fremu Matoke offers authentic East African food.

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Matoke, a common African dish, is a banana type used for cooking. Matoke is starchy and unpleasant when raw, unlike stored bananas. Although it is not plantains like those found in Latin American and Caribbean recipes, some countries call it “plantain”. Because it may be boiled, steamed, fried, or mashed, matoke is used in many recipes.

  • Matoke is made by peeling and frying bananas. Traditional banana leaf steaming adds taste and fragrance. Once cooked, matoke becomes soft and potato-like, making it a good side dish or mashed and blended with other ingredients for a main meal. It usually comes with vegetable, bean, or meat sauces or stews.
  • Matoke is tasty, hearty, and healthful. The body gets energy from its carbs. It also includes vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber, which promote health. It’s popular for regular meals and special occasions because of its flexibility and nutritional worth.
  • Matoke is part of traditional rites and festivals in several cultures. It is typically prepared and eaten during community and family events. Matoke is offered to visitors as a token of respect and welcome.
  • Several matoke recipes demonstrate its flexibility. Matoke curry and boiling matoke with peanut sauce are among the many recipes to try. Whether you like African food or not, matoke delivers a unique dining experience.
  • Matoke is a healthful and adaptable meal used in many African cuisines. Numerous families use it since it may be used in numerous recipes. Matoke is a terrific addition for special occasions or substantial meals.
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