Mama Pride – Pounded Yam – 4kg


Experience the real taste of Africa with Mama Pride Pounded Yam. This 4kg pack is a staple in African cooking, ideal for making delectable and generous dinners. Produced using great yams, it’s not difficult to plan and brings a hint of customary African flavour to your kitchen.

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Our premium Mama Pride Pounded Yam tastes African. This 4kg package of pounded yam from Africa’s fertile soils adds home and tradition to every meal. Discover African cuisine or recreate family recipes with our smooth, adaptable pounded yam flour.

  • Carefully selected yams provide the highest quality and taste in our Mama Pride Pounded Yam. Yams provide a healthy and enjoyable lunch since they are treated to maintain flavour and nutrients. Its unique taste and firmness make it ideal for a variety of dishes or a bowl of pounded yam with hot soup.
  • Making this traditional African dish is challenging. The smooth, pliable dough from pounded yam flour and hot water may be used in minutes with your favourite soups and stews. Simple and easy to prepare, it’s ideal for busy weeknights or calming cravings.
  • Our Mama Pride Pounded Yam is delicious and healthy. High in carbs, it gives you energy all day. Gluten-free options are suitable for those with wheat allergies or who seek a healthier alternative.
  • This 4kg package is for rich, warm African cuisine lovers. Perfect for special occasions, ethnic celebrations, or a delicious, authentic meal. The generous quantity makes enough pounded yam for a large party or a week.
  • Mama Pride Pounded Yam represents Africa’s rich culinary tradition. Any kitchen needs it for its true flavour, quality, and adaptability. This product will enhance your meals and provide you with a real African eating experience, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.
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