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Fremu offers spicy Long Hot Peppers. Whether chopped into stir-fries, stuffed and baked, or pickled, these colorful peppers give a spice. Any kitchen trying to spice things up needs them—fresh, tasty, and flexible.

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Spice lovers and culinary explorers need our Long Hot Peppers for their scorching kick and bright tastes. The elongated, brilliant green peppers are used in many cuisines to provide spice and depth.

  • For the right heat-flavor balance, each pepper is chosen at its optimal ripeness. Their thin skin and meaty body make them great for roasting, grilling, and sautéing. They’re adaptable in the cooking since they cook to a smoky sweetness that compliments their spiciness.
  • Add these peppers to your dishes to improve flavor. Their heat may permeate stir-fries and spread throughout the meal, or they can provide a spicy bite to pizzas and sandwiches. These peppers may be packed with cheese and baked for a fiery snack for those who want a challenge.
  • Long Hot Peppers are tasty and nutritious. They include vitamins A and C, which are necessary for skin and immunological health. These peppers also increase metabolism and heart health with capsaicin.
  • These spicy peppers may be pickled or dried to maintain their flavor. A sour and spicy condiment made by pickling them in vinegar with garlic and herbs can spice up any dish. However, drying them increases their heat and preserves their taste for months.
  • Our Long Hot Peppers bring flavor and fire to your cuisine. These peppers will tantalize your taste senses and spice up your favorite recipes or introduce you to new cuisines.
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