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Discover the exemplary taste of Lipton Yellow Label Tea. This 200g pack offers a rich, sweet-smelling mix of the best tea leaves, ideal for any time. Partake in some Lipton Yellow Label Tea and raise your tea-drinking experience with its unquestionable flavor and fragrance.

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Lipton Yellow Label Tea, a timeless mix, tastes rich and smooth. Each cup of this 200g bundle of premium tea leaves is delicious and refreshing. Due to its brilliant, golden color, Lipton Yellow Label Tea is great for a morning cup or a relaxing break.

  • Thoroughly picked and blended tea leaves give a robust, smooth flavor. From robust to milky and sweet, Lipton Yellow Label Tea is warm and pleasant. Having a drink is a moment of calm in a hectic day.
  • For its flexibility, Lipton Yellow Label Tea is famous. It’s great as a hot drink in winter and iced tea in summer. A home staple, the 200g bag provides enough tea for family and friends.
  • For individuals who need a rapid boost without sacrificing flavor, Lipton Yellow Label Tea is easy to make. Pour a teaspoon of tea into boiling water and steep for a few minutes for the ideal cup of tea.
  • Past its superb taste, Lipton Yellow Label Tea is likewise an incredible decision for individuals who are well-being cognizant. Tea is known for its cell reinforcements, which can assist with supporting generally prosperity. Partaking in some Lipton Yellow Label Tea can be a piece of a solid way of life, offering both flavor and benefits.
  • The Lipton Yellow Label Tea (200g) is a tradition, a joy, and a healthy drink. Each kitchen needs it for its rich flavor, flexibility, and health advantages. This Lipton Yellow Label Tea is excellent for beginning the day, taking a break, or relaxing.
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