KTC Vegetable oil -2Ltr


Find the unrivalled nature of KTC Vegetable Oil in a helpful 2-litre bottle. Ideal for frying, baking, and cooking, this oil is ideally suited for making delicious meals. Shop now and hoist your culinary involvement in this adaptable cooking fundamental.

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This 2-litre box of KTC Vegetable Oil is great for all your cooking requirements. High-quality veggies are used to make this vegetable oil, which has a mild, neutral taste that won’t overshadow your recipes. KTC Vegetable Oil goes well with frying, baking, and sautéing since it can withstand high heat.

  • This 2-litre box fits in the pantry or kitchen closets and is ideal for homes and caterers. Since the cap seals, use the oil as needed without it deteriorating. Whether cooking weekly or for a special occasion, KTC Vegetable Oil provides reliable results.
  • LDL-free KTC Vegetable Oil is better for you and your family than typical cooking oils. Healthful necessary fatty acids are in the oil. It adds subtle depth to stir-fries and salad dressings without dominating the other components because of its delicate, neutral taste.
  • KTC Vegetable Oil, a 2-litre bag from trusted suppliers, is verified for quality and freshness. Oil is stored in a food-safe container that prevents light and air to maintain quality and flavour. KTC Vegetable Oil enhances recipes for chefs and home cooks.
  • Besides cooking, KTC Vegetable Oil helps moisturise and condition skin and hair. High moisture and a light texture make it ideal for nourishing dry skin and hair, leaving it soft and smooth. To moisturise, apply a tiny quantity of oil to your skin or hair and massage gently.
  • KTC Vegetable Oil in this 2-litre box is nutritious and adaptable for culinary and non-food applications. Its high smoke point and mild, neutral taste make it suited for many culinary uses. Always obtain great results whether frying, baking, or sautéing using KTC Vegetable Oil.
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