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Enjoy the tropical flavour of Jackfruit in Syrup in desserts, drinks, or as a snack. This exotic fruit in a 565g container adds tropical spice to your pantry. Try it in your favourite dishes for equatorial flavours.

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Savour the flavour of the tropics with Jackfruit Syrup (565g). Precisely ripe slices are collected, producing delectable, juicy, and tender slices. This rare fruit is available as a nibble or incorporated into preferred desserts and recipes.

  • By intensifying the jackfruit’s sweetness, the nectar renders it adaptable to sweet and savoury preparations. Incorporate it into citrus cocktails, jackfruit ice cream, morning yoghurt, or muesli for a tropical twist.
  • Each chomp of jackfruit is a tropical heaven for your taste buds, with its remarkable surface and flavour profile. Whether you appreciate it directly from the can or integrate it into your cooking, this jackfruit in syrup will certainly add a hint of outlandishness to your feasts.
  • Jackfruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. It provides energy and is a satisfying treat at any time. Its sweetness makes it a healthier alternative to sugary sweets.
  • People who like to try new foods should keep jackfruit in syrup on hand. This versatile product lets you explore in the kitchen and make sweet and savoury dishes. Try it in your favourite dishes for tropical tastes.
  • Taste exotic Jackfruit in Syrup (565g). This jackfruit may add sweetness to recipes and be eaten in many ways. This jackfruit in syrup will gratify your palate if you like strange fruits or want to try new flavours.
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