Iwisa – super maize meal – 2kg


Try Iwisa Super Maize Meal, a handy 2 kilogramme bag, and see for yourself the great quality it offers. This basic ingredient is ideal for making traditional foods like bread, cereal, and pap since it is made from finely ground, non-GMO maize. It gives an abundance of energy and indispensable supplements, making it a versatile and healthy choice for any dish. Iwisa Super Maize Meal is a time tested fixing that will take your cuisine to a higher level.

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Every kitchen needs Iwisa Super Maize Meal, a premium staple. This 2kg container of maize meal is flexible and has a fine texture and natural, somewhat sweet flavour. Iwisa Super Maize Meal, made from carefully picked maize kernels, is popular for traditional and modern recipes.

  • From substantial breakfasts to fulfilling evenings, the Iwisa Super Maize Meal is ideal. It is used to produce porridge, a healthful breakfast, and pap, a traditional side dish in many African cuisines.
  • Maize meal is a good source of carbohydrates for energy. Due to its low fat and vitamin and mineral content, it is a healthy supplement to any diet. For celiac and gluten-sensitive people, Iwisa Super Maize Meal is naturally gluten-free.
  • The 2kg bag offers enough maize meal for cooking and baking, making it practical for everyday usage. Because of its moisture-resistant packaging, maize meal stays fresh and flavorful until you use it.
  • Iwisa Super Maize Meal is pure and consistent. Modern milling technology grinds maize meal finely and removes contaminants. Quality distinguishes Iwisa and makes it a trusted option for home cooks and professional chefs.
  • Cooks who wish to experience the rich flavours of traditional and contemporary cooking need Iwisa Super Maize Meal. Its flexibility, nutritional value, and high quality make it a culinary must. Iwisa Super Maize Meal’s delicious flavour and texture will improve any cuisine, from porridge to a sophisticated one.
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