Ijebu Gari – 5kg


Experience Nigerian cuisine with our superior Ijebu Gari. This 5kg container of premium cassava is ideal for Nigerian meals and snacks. Nigerian households rely on Ijebu Gari for its crisp texture and excellent taste. For freshness and quality, we process and package our product meticulously. Our Ijebu Gari is ideal for snacking or cooking Nigerian food.

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Ijebu Gari is a famous Nigerian food item produced using cassava. It is a dry, firm snack that can be delighted in all alone or with various garnishes. This 5kg pack is ideally suited for loading up your storage room or for imparting to loved ones.

  • To keep up with freshness and flavour, Ijebu Gari is ready and packaged from excellent cassava. It very well may be eaten as a snack, side dish, or primary course with different ingredients.
  • This box of Ijebu Gari is perfect for individuals who like real Nigerian food or unique foods. It is simple to make and liked by all ages.
  • Ijebu Gari is ideal for parties, picnics, and delicious snacks. Its crispy texture and unusual flavour make it a snack favourite.
  • Add a sample of Nigeria to your next meal with this pack of Ijebu Gari. Whether you appreciate it plain or with your favourite toppings, you make certain to adore the credible taste and firm surface of this customary Nigerian snack.
  • Experience the rich kinds of Nigeria with this pack of Ijebu Gari. Produced using the best cassava and handled flawlessly, a delicious and nutritious snack is ideal for any event.
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