Ijebu Gari – 2kg


Partake in the taste of Nigeria with our 2kg pack of true Ijebu Gari. Produced using the best cassava, this customary staple food is ideal for making eba or getting a charge out of milk and sugar as a bite. Experience the genuine kinds of Africa with each bite!

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Many Nigerians appreciate Ijebu Gari, a culturally significant meal. For real and traditional Nigerian tastes, this 2kg box of Ijebu Gari is great. A versatile cassava product, Ijebu Gari may be eaten in many ways.

  • This 2kg bundle is perfect for families or those who like having more on hand. As a primary element in traditional Nigerian recipes or as a snack, this bag of Ijebu Gari will fulfil your tastes and bring Nigeria to your table.
  • Gari is versatile and may be eaten in many ways. It may be soaked in water or milk and sugared or eaten crispy. Those seeking a healthy and tasty alternative love its distinct texture and taste.
  • The 2kg Ijebu Gari bundle is meticulously packed for freshness and quality. You can experience traditional Nigerian food at home. This Ijebu Gari pack is perfect for home-cooked meals or trying new tastes.
  • Ijebu Gari is delectable and healthy. High in carbs, it offers energy. This without gluten item is appropriate for people with gluten awareness or sensitivities. It’s great for healthy, delightful snacks and meals.
  • This 2kg Ijebu Gari box is ideal for any pantry. This pack is perfect for trying Nigerian cuisine or eating a healthy, diverse diet. Why not try it now and taste Nigeria in every bite?
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