Hyper Malt can – 6 pck x 330ml


Get a 6-pack of 330ml Hyper Malt cans to refresh. The rich, malty flavour and natural components of this non-alcoholic malt beverage refresh and energise. Hyper Malt is a refreshing, healthy drink at any time of day. Enjoy the energy boost and taste the difference!

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Enjoy the rich, solid kind of Hyper Malt, a non-alcoholic beer with a distinctive taste. This sweet and malty savor comes in 330ml jars and is ensured to satisfy. Each sip of Hyper Malt tastes extraordinary on the grounds that it’s made utilizing traditional processes and high-quality ingredients.

  • This set of six cans is perfect for replenishing your pantry or sharing with friends and family. Hyper Malt goes well with many foods and may be drunk alone. Its rich flavour and silky texture make it a favourite for every occasion, whether you’re resting at home or celebrating.
  • Hyper Malt’s non-alcoholic component makes it appropriate for everyone, even alcohol abstainers. It tastes like alcohol without the alcohol, making it a fantastic alternative. Hyper Malt is ideal for group events with various tastes.
  • Hyper Malt is tasty and energising. Its carbs may boost your energy, making it a great drink for a busy day or after exercise. Hyper Malt is an excellent lunchtime or post-workout snack.
  • Healthy drinkers may feel good about drinking Hyper Malt. Preservatives and artificial flavours are absent, providing a healthy product. Hyper Malt is trusted and liked by customers because of its devotion to quality and natural ingredients.
  • Hyper Malt has a distinct, refreshing flavour. It’s popular for many occasions because to its non-alcoholic content, energy-boosting effects, and natural components. Hyper Malt enhances beverages alone or with food.
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