Ground Ogbono – 70g


Find out about Fremu’s Ground Ogbono, which comes in a 70g pack and is great for making classic African meals. Use this important ingredient to make your food better. It is known for adding a unique taste and texture to soups and stews and making them thicker. People who like to cook and want to try real African food or add new tastes to their dishes will love this book.

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Enjoy real African cooking with our fine ground Ogbono, a staple ingredient with a distinct flavour and texture. Our premium ground Ogbono comes from Africa’s lush woods, ensuring you get the most out of this delicious ingredient. Chefs and home cooks love its deep, nutty taste and versatility.

  • To maintain fragrance and nutrients, our ground Ogbono is handled properly. Protein, fibre, and vital fatty acids make it a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet. Ground Ogbono is ideal for thickening soups and stews or adding taste.
  • The special quality of Ogbono is its capacity to thicken soups and stews, giving them a silky texture to die for. This item is essential to the hearty West African Ogbono soup, a popular meal. With our ground Ogbono, you can effortlessly make this classic meal at home and wow your family and friends.
  • Our product is conveniently packed for freshness and endurance. Our ground Ogbono is simple to use and will become a pantry essential for any chef, whether you’re new to African cuisine or not. Just a little makes foods richer and tastier.
  • We value giving a top-notch, morally obtained item. We support African farmers and communities to produce ground Ogbono responsibly and with respect for the environment and crop growers.
  • Experience real African cuisine with our ground Ogbono. With this versatile and savoury ingredient, elevate your cuisine and try new things. It’s vital for any chef wishing to add international flare to soups, stews, and other recipes.
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