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Discover tropical culinary staple Green Plantain’s health advantages. Fremu sells these adaptable fruits for frying, boiling, and baking. Vitamin- and fibre-rich, they add flavour and texture to any recipe. Ideal for individuals seeking healthy starch alternatives. Get fresh Green Plantain now and experiment with cooking!

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Discover our fresh Green Plantains, a healthful and versatile ingredient used in tropical cuisines worldwide. These plantains are carefully picked and procured to guarantee they arrive in ideal shape for cooking healthy and tasty meals. Green plantains provide flavor and texture to any dish, whether fried, boiled, baked, or grilled.

  • Green plantains are great for sweet and savoury dishes due to their firm texture and mild taste. They are fried and seasoned or mixed with other components in tostones, patacones, and mofongo. Green plantains are a fantastic healthy replacement for potatoes since they have a starchy texture when unripe.
  • Nutrition is a major advantage of green plantains. These food sources are rich in fiber, nutrients A and C, and potassium. Including green plantains in your diet helps improve digestion, immunity, and blood pressure. The reduced fat and cholesterol make them a heart-healthy dinner option.
  • Green plantains are simple to prep. Make a longitudinal incision through the skin and peel it before cooking. They may be sliced, diced, or mashed after peeling, according to the recipe. Their adaptability makes them popular in traditional and modern cuisines.
  • Home cooks and professional chefs may use our easy green plantains. They may be kept at room temperature until mature. Plantains get sweeter and softer as they mature, making them excellent for recipes. Green plantains provide flavor and nutrition to savory and sweet dishes.
  • Tropical cooking lovers need our Green Plantains. Their adaptability, healthy benefits, and great flavor make them a most loved fixing in numerous cuisines. Green plantains offer energy to your cooking.
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