Fresh Ginger – 1Kgs


Enjoy our premium Fresh Ginger’s rich flavor and scent. Ideal for chefs and professionals, this 10kg bag comes from top farms. We use fresh, intense-tasting ginger to add zest to your recipes. Our ginger enhances stir-fries, curries, and ginger tea.



Many foods taste better with fresh ginger. The 10kg bag of excellent fresh ginger from Fremu is ideal for restaurants, cafes, and home cooks looking to add a spicy kick. Our fresh ginger comes from trusted merchants, ensuring quality and flavor.

  • Ginger has several health advantages. This mitigating, antioxidant-rich food is an incredible expansion to your diet. Cooking, brewing, or injecting fresh ginger may improve your health.
  • Cooking using fresh ginger is common. The zesty, sweet kind of this flavor praises sweet and delicious dishes. Sautés, curries, soups, and marinades are upgraded with its expansion of flavor. Ground ginger improves the fleeting and gustatory characteristics of desserts, baked goods, and bread.
  • The medicinal advantages of ginger are recognized in traditional medicine. It facilitates the process of digestion and mitigates symptoms of nausea, vomiting, inflammation, and distress. Gum enhances immune function and promotes general well-being in several individuals.
  • Choose firm, mold-free fresh ginger. Fresh ginger lasts longer in a cold, dry area in the fridge. Peel ginger using a spoon or peeler and slice or grate according to recipe.
  • Fresh ginger adds flavor and health to your food. To add this tasty root to your cooking, our 10kg bundle of fresh ginger is convenient and economical for chefs and home cooks. Our fresh ginger comes from trusted merchants, ensuring quality and flavor.
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