Fremu Pounded G-Nuts


Fremu Pounded G-Nuts offer true African flavor. The best-roasted peanuts are pounded and mixed into our premium groundnut paste. The rich, nutty flavour and creamy texture offer depth to your favourite recipes or as a spread. Taste African cuisine with Fremu Pounded G-Nuts.

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Premium Pounded G Nuts

The Pounded G-Nuts Experience: Fremu Paisley

Our Pounded G-Nuts are a gastronomic wonder that wires old and new, welcoming you to investigate the domain of dazzling flavor. Each bite encapsulates a rich heritage, offering a journey through flavors that resonate with the soul. Our item, created with absolute care to detail and accuracy, demonstrates the well-established techniques esteemed for ages.

The Fremu Paisley touch adds a layer of refinement, making it an experience snack. The remarkable texture, accomplished fastidiously, guarantees that each significant piece investigates consistency and delight. Ideal for those seeking a nutritious and indulgent snack, our Pounded G-Nuts are a festival of taste and custom.

The lovely combination of nostalgia and innovation is what this product from Fremu offers. It’s something other than a snack; it’s a social creativity waiting to be enjoyed.

Our Fremu Pounded G-Nuts’ tempting taste and satisfying texture will delight your taste senses. Our G-Nuts are masterfully pounded from the best groundnuts, making a healthy and tasty snack.

  • Every mouthful of our Fremu Pounded G-Nuts has a delectable and nutty flavour that will have you craving more. Our G-Nuts can be eaten alone or in other dishes at any event. These tasty treats are excellent for outdoor parties, celebrations, and home movie evenings.
  • The Fremu Pounded G-Nuts we provide are both delectable and nourishing, including a high amount of protein, fibre, and beneficial fats. Whether you require a rapid surge of energy or a satisfying snack during lunchtime, our G-Nuts will sustain your motivation.
  • Experience the essence of Africa with our Fremu Pounded G-Nuts, a beloved worldwide delicacy. The distinctive flavour and delectable crunch of these nuts will enhance your gustatory experience. These can be shared with loved ones or enjoyed individually since they possess a delectable taste.
  • Fremu prides itself on quality and flavour in every bite. To maximise freshness and flavour, our Pounded G-Nuts are handcrafted utilising traditional processes and excellent ingredients. We endeavour to exceed your expectations with each batch, serving you a delicious and fulfilling snack.
  • Experience Fremu Pounded G-Nuts’ amazing taste and see why foodies love them. Our G-Nuts are perfect for snacking, entertaining, or seeking something tasty and healthy. Try these today for the best snack.
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