Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs – 30g


Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs enhances recipes. Season meats, vegetables, and sauces with this fragrant herb combination. This 30g pack enhances meals.



Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs adds freshness to any meal, improving your favorite meals. Cooks who adore herbal sorcery will need this 30g pack. These mixed herbs flavor a hearty stew, luscious meats, or a lively salad.

  • Crafted by carefully selecting the finest herbs, this mix includes classics like oregano, marjoram, thyme, and basil. Every herb is chosen for its distinct flavor and fragrance, ensuring each squeeze adds a balanced and sweet-smelling touch to your dishes. The comfort of having a mix of herbs in a single pack means you can effortlessly make delicious meals without requiring numerous jars jumbling your spice rack.
  • Cooking with Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs is easy. Sprinkle them on roasted veggies or add them to marinades and sauces for a herb note. They flavor soups, sauces, and pasta and enrich every meal.
  • Mixed herbs add flavor and health benefits to cuisine. Consuming antioxidant-rich herbs can improve health. Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs offers outstanding taste and wellness.
  • Packaging prioritizes convenience. The 30g pack fits in your pantry or spice drawer, so you always have these delicious herbs. Herbs stay fresh and fragrant in the resealable pack till the last pinch.
  • Enhance your dishes with Dunn’s River Mixed Herbs. This combination is essential for chefs and home cooks alike. The best method to add freshness and flavor to any dish, make every meal distinctive.
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