Dunn’s River Ground Pimento- 80g


Upgrade your dishes with Dunn’s River Ground Pimento 80g. This valid Jamaican zest adds a rich, sweet-smelling flavour to your cooking. Ideal for preparing meats, stews, soups, and sauces, it’s a priority element for making flavorful Caribbean-motivated cuisine at home.

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Discover Dunns River Ground Pimento’s rich, fragrant flavor in an 80g bag. This Caribbean spice is used in many traditional cuisines due to its unique flavour. Dunns River Ground Pimento provides authenticity to Jamaican jerk chicken and stews.

  • Pimento tree ground spice has a spicy, peppery flavor with clove and nutmeg undertones, making it versatile in recipes. The rich flavor enhances savory and sweet dishes. Use it to marinade, massage, or sprinkle over meats before grilling for rich flavor.
  • A handy 80g jar makes Dunns River Ground Pimento ideal for home cooks and professional chefs. Its finely powdered texture promotes uniform distribution in your meals, ensuring great results every time. This important spice may be stocked up and used anytime cooking creativity strikes due to its lengthy shelf life.
  • Dunns River Ground Pimento brings Caribbean tastes to you. This versatile spice will dazzle in island dishes or fusion cuisine. Its unique flavour lends authenticity to stews, jerk chicken, and other dishes, taking your taste senses to sunny beaches.
  • Dunns River Ground Pimento is specially prepared from the finest pimento trees for flavor and freshness. We grind and package each batch to preserve its aromatic oils and robust flavor for a delicious meal every time. This Caribbean spice will enhance your food and widen your flavor palate.
  • Enjoy tropical flavours with Dunns River Ground Pimento. Any pantry needs this versatile ingredient, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook trying to spice up your recipes. That hidden ingredient makes regular meals exceptional with its powerful flavour and fragrant character. Taste Dunns River Ground Pimento and have a unique gastronomic experience.
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