Dunns river – coconut milk – 400ml


Dunn’s River Coconut Milk is creamy and tasty. Best-quality coconut milk adds tropical flavour to recipes. Every kitchen needs it for curries, desserts, and cocktails.

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Rich and creamy Dunns River Coconut Milk in 400ml. This coconut milk from the best coconuts adds tropical flavour to recipes. Dunns River Coconut Milk makes great curry, coconut-infused desserts, and smoothies.

  • Produced using newly squeezed coconut pulp, Dunns Waterway Coconut Milk has a luxurious surface and a hidden flavour. Add a unique flavour to your favourite feasts with this coconut milk, which has a smooth surface and slightly pleasantness. For a more tropical wind on Caribbean and worldwide recipes, attempt our Coconut Milk.
  • Dunns River Coconut Milk’s Caribbean flavour embodies island life. Every sip of pure coconut extract coconut milk tastes like sun-kissed beaches. From rice and peas to tropicalizing your favourite meals, Dunns River Coconut Milk brings paradise to your kitchen.
  • You may use Dunns River Coconut Milk in sweet and savoury meals. Coconut rice, fragrant curries, and refreshing smoothies benefit from this coconut milk’s depth and richness. The silky texture and natural sweetness of Dunns River Coconut Milk make cooking enjoyable.
  • Home chefs rely on Dunns River Coconut Milk for smoothness. This excellent coconut milk improves your favoured dishes’ taste and nutritional worth. Dunns Stream Coconut Milk improves the kind of sans dairy, vegetarian, and coconut-based recipes.
  • Dunns River Coconut Milk unlocks flavour and creativity in cooking—creamy coconut milk for cooking or tropical tastes. Dunns River Coconut Milk adds Caribbean sunshine to stews, desserts, and more, making every meal unique.
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