De rica Dippio Concentrato -70g


Enjoy the rich, legitimate kinds of Nigeria with De Rica 70g. Produced using the best ingredients, this item offers a taste sensation like no other. Whether you’re cooking amazing food or just craving a sample of home, De Rica 70g is the ideal choice.

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Cooks worldwide use De Rica Tomato Paste 70g for its rich, concentrated tomato flavor, which supplements numerous meals. This paste, produced using carefully picked ready tomatoes, can be utilized to base sauces, soups, stews, and more. Its thick viscosity blends easily into recipes, bringing depth and tomato richness to every taste.

  • De Rica Tomato Paste gives dishes a deep, brilliant colour and a strong flavour. This tomato paste enhances the flavour and look of Italian pasta sauce, chilli, and curry.
  • The 70g container is convenient for home cooks and professional chefs. It’s ideal for smaller dishes or when you need a little tomato richness without opening a can. The paste is easy to store and lasts a long time, so you always have this essential element.
  • Dietary De Rica Tomato Paste is nutritious as well as culinary. Natural antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals are bountiful in tomatoes, and tomato paste concentrates these advantages. Adding this paste to recipes can help you eat well.
  • Remember that a little De Rica Tomato Paste goes a long way. Due to its strong flavour, the paste only needs a little to taste good. This makes it a cheap way to add depth and richness to foods without dominating them.
  • De Rica Tomato Paste 70g is a culinary must. Its flexibility, rich flavour, and health advantages make it a useful ingredient in many dishes. This tomato paste tastes great whether you’re making a regular supper or a gourmet dish.
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