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The rich, concentrated flavor of De Rica Tomato Paste. This 210g bag adds flavor to sauces, soups, and stews.

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De Rica Tomato Paste 210g offers a rich and flavorful base for different dishes. Made from painstakingly chosen ripe tomatoes, this paste is concentrated to provide a deep, energetic variety and an intense tomato flavor. It’s ideal for improving sauces, stews, and soups, adding a hint of extravagance to each feast.

  • This tomato paste is a kitchen staple for individuals who love to cook with new, quality ingredients. The helpful 210g size is ideal for regular cooking, guaranteeing you generally have the ideal measure of tomato goodness available. Whether making an exemplary spaghetti sauce or a generous stew, De Rica Tomato Paste is your go-to ingredient for a delicious, tomato-rich dish.
  • Versatility distinguishes De Rica Tomato Paste. It adds depth and flavor to Italian, Mexican, and other recipes. Its thick consistency makes it easier to blend into recipes, distributing tomato flavor evenly.
  • Health-conscious people should use De Rica Tomato Paste. No preservatives or artificial flavors are added to its natural constituents. This lets you enjoy tomatoes’ delicious flavor without additions.
  • Add tomato paste to your recipe after opening the can. It can be diluted with water or stock to adjust dish consistency. Just a teaspoon of De Rica Tomato Paste may make your meals outstanding.
  • Next time you cook, use De Rica Tomato Paste 210g and see how premium ingredients make a difference. Your pantry’s secret weapon will improve your cuisine.
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