Black eye beans – 5kg


Experience the best black eye beans with our 5kg set. Protein, fibre, and important elements make these beans ideal for filling your cupboard. These beans bring flavour and nutrition to classic and creative recipes. Order today for healthy eating.

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Discover the rich flavour and nutritional advantages of Black Eye Beans, a versatile legume used in many cuisines. Large families, caterers, and anybody stocking up on this pantry necessity would love these beans in a 5kg package. The black speck on a creamy white backdrop makes Black Eye Beans attractive and full of fibre, protein, and minerals.

  • These beans are popular in many cuisines due to their rapid cooking time and flavour absorption. Black Eye Beans provide flavour and texture to every meal, from Hoppin’ John to African and Caribbean stews. They offer heartiness and nutrition to salads, soups, and dips.
  • Black Eye Beans are great for health. They are low in fat, rich in fibre, and high in protein, making them a superb meat substitute. They also include vitamins and minerals including folate, iron, and potassium, which are vital to health.
  • Cooking with black eye beans is easy. This legume doesn’t need pre-soaking, so you can get from cupboard to dish quickly. Rinse and cook beans in water or broth until tender. They provide flavour and nutrition to any meal when seasoned to taste and used in many dishes.
  • Restaurants, catering agencies, and big families benefit from our 5kg Black Eye Bean bags. They provide convenience and value, ensuring you always have a healthy component for your recipes. These beans are perfect for a family supper, special occasion, or healthy snack.
  • Eat Black Eye Beans for their health advantages and great taste. These adaptable beans will enhance any recipe, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook. So why delay? Add them to your cupboard now to experience Black Eye Beans’ limitless culinary options.Top of Form

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