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Discover Ayoola Pounded Yam, a 4kg pack of legitimate African staple food, ideal for making conventional dishes. Produced using yam flour, this item offers comfort and quality, guaranteeing a sample of Africa in each meal. Your hotspot for African food items in the UK.

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The 4kg bag of Nigerian Ayoola Pounded Yam is ideal for families and caterers. Authentic pounded yam is manufactured from high-quality yam and then processed and packed to maintain flavour and texture. It gives Nigerians overseas and West African food lovers a taste of home.

  • Pounded yam is a staple in Nigeria, used with soups and stews. A dough-like consistency is achieved by pressing cooked yams until smooth and flexible. At Ayoola Pounded Yam, you may enjoy this classic delicacy without the difficulty of making it from scratch.
  • This 4kg bag of Ayoola Pounded Yam is ideal for restaurants, caterers, and big households. It lets you experience real pounded yam without specific equipment or preparation. Reheat and serve according to the package directions to make it easier to include in meals.
  • Each box of Ayoola Pounded Yam has the same outstanding flavour and texture since it is produced with care. This practical and tasty product makes pounded yam easy to prepare for oneself or a big party. It goes well with many soups and stews, making it a favourite Nigerian dish.
  • Serve Ayoola Pounded Yam for a Nigerian flavour. If you like West African food or want to try something new, this product makes pounded yam easy and real. Its 4kg box size is ideal for homeowners or companies seeking to serve this classic meal.
  • This classic Nigerian recipe is easy and tasty using Ayoola Pounded Yam. Its genuine flavour and simple preparation make it a flexible dish for anybody wanting to try West African cuisine.
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