Ades Ground Ogbono-70g


Enjoy African tastes with our 70g Ades Ground Ogbono. This authentic ingredient thickens soups and stews and adds flavour and texture. Gourmets looking to try traditional African recipes would love it.

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Premium ground Ogbono brings West African tastes to your table. This 70g packet is essential for making classic, delicious meals at home. African mango seeds, or ogbono, are ground into a fine powder and used to make the hearty, flavourful Ogbono soup.

  • To assure quality, ground Ogbono is carefully picked and processed. Indulge in the genuine flavour of this African delicacy since it is completely natural and devoid of preservatives. This product is user-friendly and guarantees a dense and substantial texture in soups and stews, regardless of your level of expertise in African cuisine.
  • Aside from its delicious taste, Ogbono has many health benefits. Weight management and digestion are helped by its high fibre content. It also contains antioxidants that boost health. This makes meals taste better and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  • For expatriates craving home cooking or West African food enthusiasts, Ogbono is ideal. It thickens other meals besides soups. This versatile item is essential in any kitchen pantry.
  • For optimal results, mix ground Ogbono with palm oil, meat, fish, and vegetables to produce a delicious African dish. It adds exotic flavour to meals and impresses family and friends with your cooking.
  • This 70g packet of ground Ogbono is convenient and important for authentic West African cuisine. It’s easy to use, tasty, and healthy, making it a perfect cooking additive.
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