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Unifresh Palm Soup Concentrate (Sauce Graine) delivers real West African cuisine. To retain taste and aroma, this rich, savory concentrate is prepared from the best palm fruits and treated carefully. It gives depth to traditional soups and stews. Water-dilute to your liking. Use this versatile, time-saving item to improve your cooking. Ideal for busy cooks who value authenticity.

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Taste West African flavors with our Palm Soup Concentrate (Sauce Graine). Our 800g jar of palm nut soup, a mainstay in many African cuisines, tastes real.

The best palm nuts are handpicked and processed to preserve flavor and nutrients in our Palm Soup Concentrate. It works in soups, stews, sauces, and marinades.

This creamy sauce adds richness and variety to any meal. It’s great for trying new flavors or adding exoticism to cooking. Palm Soup Concentrate will become a kitchen favorite with its unusual taste.

We make using our concentration simple. Dilute it with water to your liking and add to your favorite dishes. Saving time and effort in the cooking without compromising flavor is fantastic.

Palm Soup Concentrate is tasty and healthful. Palm nuts contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant vitamin E. This sauce adds nourishment to dishes.

Our 800g jar keeps our product fresh and tasty. Home cooks and professional chefs wishing to add authenticity would love it.

Anyone wanting to taste West African cuisine needs our Palm Soup Concentrate. Its nutritious value, adaptability, and convenience make it a great kitchen addition. Try it today to explore new tastes.


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