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Discover TRS Coarse Semolina 1.5kg at Fremu UK, ideal for all your baking and cooking fundamentals. Improve your recipes with this flexible, excellent fixing, ideal for making delicious bread, pasta, and treats. Shop now for a taste of authenticity and culinary excellence.

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Learn about coarse semolina, a basic ingredient in many worldwide cuisines, now available in a 1.5kg box. Golden durum wheat flour is known for its somewhat granular texture and delicate, earthy taste, making it a great basis for many meals.

  • Traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes use coarse semolina. It’s used to make couscous, stews, salads, and the ideal gnocchi and hearty bread in Italian cuisine. Its gritty texture gives baked items a satisfying crunch and toughness, improving the eating experience.
  • Delicious coarse semolina is nourishing. It contains protein for muscle growth and repair and B vitamins like thiamine and folate for energy and nervous system health. High fibre content aids digestion and improves fullness, making it a balanced diet choice.
  • The imaginative home chef has infinite options with coarse semolina. It may crisp up fried meals, give texture to soups and casseroles, or provide a basis for handmade pizza dough. Sweet meals like semolina cakes, puddings, and porridges may be made with it.
  • Cooking with coarse semolina requires experimentation to obtain the right tastes and textures. It complements fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and nuts. This pantry essential will improve your cuisine, whether you’re following classics or developing new ones.
  • Coarse semolina is a kitchen need with many culinary options. Home cooks and chefs adore its rich flavour, nutritional value, and versatility. This 1.5kg package of semolina will inspire healthy, flavorful dishes for your family, whether sweet or savoury.
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