Tolly boy – long grain rice – 20kg


Experience the flavor of real Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice with this 20kg pack. Known for its outstanding quality and long, thin grains, this rice is ideally suited for various dishes. Stock up now for your home or eatery and enjoy the rich flavour and surface of Tolly Boy rice.

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Partake in the rich, fragrant kind of Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice, top-notch rice for all your culinary necessities. This 20kg holder of long-grain rice has a soft surface, fragile flavor, and versatility. A straightforward rice dinner or a sophisticated, exotic recipe, Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice will wow with its quality and flavor.

  • Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice comes from the greatest rice fields, assuring excellence every time. The long grains cook fluffy and separate, making it great for pilafs, biryanis, and other rice dishes. Its mild flavour pairs nicely with many spices and seasonings, offering you limitless cooking options.
  • Cooking with Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice is easy. Wash the rice, put it in boiling water, and cook until delicate. Impeccably cooked rice is light, relaxing, and delightful. Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice makes meals memorable for small or large groups.
  • Nutritionally, long-grain rice is good. Healthy eaters will love its low-fat and cholesterol-free content. Complex carbs give constant energy, too. Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice lets you eat healthy and tasty meals.
  • The 20kg bundle is ideal for replenishing your pantry and assuring rice availability. The container keeps the rice fresh and moisture-free, assuring outstanding quality every time. Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice is delicious and perfect for family meals or supper parties.
  • Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice is tasty and adaptable for all your culinary requirements. It complements every meal with its fluffy texture, delicate flavour, and nutritious value. Tolly Boy Long Grain Rice enhances each meal, from basic sides to gourmet dishes.
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