Tilda grand – extra long sella basmati rice – 20kg


Taste the deliciousness of Tilda Grand Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice. This 20kg box provides high-quality rice for all your cooking requirements. Ideal for biryanis, pilafs, and daily meals.

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The ultimate culinary luxury, Tilda Grand Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice, is now available in a 20kg bag. Each kernel of this premium rice is carefully picked from the best grains for length and purity. Basmati Rice is known for its long grains, which extend to over two times their unique size while cooking, giving it a sublime supplement to any food.

  • This rice has a lovely, aromatic scent that is both inviting and tasty. This smell distinguishes basmati rice from other types. The cooked grains are airy and non-sticky, making them a great compliment to anything from Indian biryanis to fusion recipes.
  • Tilda Grand Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice is special for its purity and excellence. Each batch is quality-controlled to guarantee only the finest grains reach your table. This dedication to quality guarantees that the rice is pure and has a constant flavor and texture.
  • This 20kg box is ideal for home and commercial kitchens, delivering great value without sacrificing quality. Tilda Grand Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice elevates every dish, whether you’re cooking for a big family or your business.
  • This rice cooks easily, keeping each grain distinct and properly cooked for a delicious meal. Because it absorbs flavors, it lets the rice’s inherent scent and taste show through in many dishes.
  • Tilda Grand Extra Long Sella Basmati Rice showcases rice agriculture and processing. Anyone seeking the pure essence of basmati rice must try it for its remarkable length, enticing scent, and superb flavor. This rice will wow any chef or home cook and become a staple.
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