The Gourmet Chef – Pound ‘Ol Iyan – 4kg


Experience the rich kinds of Africa with The Gourmet Chef’s Pound Ol’ Iyan 4kg. Ideal for conventional dishes, this great item brings the real taste of African cuisine right into your kitchen. Elevate your cooking with this fundamental ingredient for a real culinary adventure.

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Our finest pounded yam flour brings real African cuisine to your table. This 4kg bundle, made from the best yams and treated to retain taste and texture, is essential for every African cook. Busy chefs who want to maintain flavor and quality might try our pounded yam flour, which is tasty and quick to make.

  • Our product is beautifully smooth and lump-free, making it the ideal basis for many meals. Our flour is flexible enough to make pounded yams for your favorite soup or try new recipes. Its delicate texture cooks evenly, creating a cozy and pleasant meal.
  • So our yam flour is excellent for you and the world; we prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing. You support responsible farming and environmental preservation by buying our goods. The quality and sustainability of our pounded yam flour set it unique.
  • Our pounded yam flour isn’t just flavorful but also refreshing. Its fiber, nutrients, minerals, and sugars make it supplement thick. You may make a nice meal or use pound yam flour to fuel a busy day.
  • Our pounded yam flour makes cooking easy and fun. Add hot water and mix until the required consistency is reached to create a wonderful and genuine African cuisine. Its simplicity makes it excellent for both African cuisine novices and experts.
  • Premium-pounded yam flour gives you a genuine African flavour. Our product impresses whether you’re preparing for a big occasion or to spice up your food. Enjoy tasty and healthful African cuisine at your table.
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