Setara – golden basmati sella rice – 10kg


Discover the impeccable taste of Surya Rice in a helpful 10kg pack. Buy premium quality basmati rice for a flavorful expansion to your dinners. Ideal for customary dishes or present-day recipes, this rice ensures a wonderful eating experience without fail.

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Try our 5kg Surya Rice, which tastes and smells great. This premium rice comes from the best fields, assuring a delicious meal with every grain. Each batch is carefully picked and prepared to maintain flavor and nutrients, making it a great accompaniment to any meal.

  • The fluffy, non-sticky texture of our Surya Rice makes it excellent for many meals. This versatile grain will boost your cuisine, whether you’re making a savory biryani, a cozy rice pudding, or steaming rice. Its perfume and flavor will please even the pickiest palates.
  • Health-conscious individuals will cherish our delicious and nutritious Surya Rice. It gives energy, nutrients, and minerals for a fair eating regimen. Adding this rice to your eating routine will work on your well-being without sacrificing flavor.
  • For convenience, the 5kg package is ideal. Families or individuals who cook rice often will love it. To guarantee that the rice stays scrumptious and straight from the absolute first to the absolute last serving, the pack might be fixed once more.
  • We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing. Farmers employ environmentally friendly techniques to cultivate our Surya Rice. You support a sustainable rice farming method that helps the world and the farmers by buying our product.
  • Experience the delicious flavor and superior quality of our Surya Rice. For cooks or pantry stockpilers, this rice will become a staple. Experience the genuine flavors and healthy deliciousness of our carefully picked and processed grains with every meal.
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Additional information

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