Setara Brown whole grain basmati rice – 5kg


Discover the ideal mix of health and flavour with Setara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice. This 5 kg pack is great for those looking for a nutritious, sweet-smelling, and heavenly choice for their meals. Partake in the goodness of entire grains with each serving of this premium quality basmati rice.

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Setara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice adds elegance and health to every meal. A great mix of taste, scent, and nutrition, this 5kg bundle of brown basmati rice from the best fields is suitable for people seeking a healthy and savoury diet.

  • Brown basmati rice’s unique texture and nutty flavor offer each dish an exceptional edge. Dissimilar to white basmati rice, brown rice holds its wheat layer, which contains supplements, nutrients, and fiber. This guides in a better eating routine and intestinal health.
  • Cooking with Setara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice is delicious. Its long, narrow grains cook well, creating a fluffy, non-sticky texture that compliments many dishes. This brown basmati rice enhances the taste and nutrients of any biryani, stir-fry, or side dish.
  • Healthy eaters can choose Setara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice. Fat and calories are naturally minimal, making it a good weight control solution. Its high fibre content also makes you feel full, which may help you cut calories and portion sizes.
  • This 5kg container of Setara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice is affordable and handy. The resealable package keeps the rice fresh and fragrant for longer, ensuring the greatest quality every time you cook.
  • Settingara Brown Whole Grain Basmati Rice is a flexible and healthful alternative for adding to meals. Its delicious taste and nutritional advantages make it a cooking staple. Enhance your dishes with this wonderful brown basmati rice and have a healthy meal every time.
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