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Experience the accommodation of premium Pluvera chicken with a frozen 1300g poultry package. Ideal for delightful and nutritious meals, our Pluvera chicken is obtained from the best farms, guaranteeing quality and newness in each bite. Shop now and partake in the flavor of top-grade chicken in the comfort of your home.

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Enjoy the wonderful flavour of our premium 1300g Pluvera, sure to enrich your dining experience. Chefs and household cooks love this high-quality delicacy from the best farms for its taste, softness, and juiciness.

  • For maximum quality and safety, our Pluvera is grown and processed under rigorous guidelines. Each bird is raised stress-free, fed a natural diet, and given plenty of freedom to wander, producing tasty, ethical meat. For family gatherings, special events, or a particularly delicious dish, the 1300g amount is ideal.
  • Pluvera is unparalleled in flexibility. This product stays juicy and flavorful, whether roasted, grilled, or fried. It works well in everything from roasts to curries, making it a cooking staple worldwide.
  • Our Pluvera’s rich, deep flavour will please even the pickiest palates. The meat’s tenderness and natural juices make every mouthful unforgettable. A stunning centrepiece for any dinner, it will wow your visitors.
  • Our 1300g Pluvera is ready to cook, saving you time in the kitchen. It’s hygienically packaged and simple to store, so you always have high-quality meat. Simply season, cook, and enjoy this premium product’s great flavor.
  • Our 1300g Pluvera is an experience, not simply a meal. Any great cuisine lover needs it for its quality, adaptability, and wonderful taste. This product will enhance your cooking and please your taste senses, whether you’re a professional or a home cook.
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