Peak – Instant Whole Milk Powder – 2500g


Experience the convenience and nutritional benefits of our Instant Whole Milk Powder. Perfect for simplifying cooking and baking, this versatile powder maintains the rich flavor and nutritional content of fresh milk. With its long shelf life and easy use, it’s a must-have for busy kitchens and discerning milk lovers alike.

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Instant Whole Milk Powder seamlessly combines convenience and nutrition in culinary needs. It is a game-changer for anyone wishing to simplify cooking and baking without sacrificing taste or nutritional content. There are countless choices for creamy sauces, soups, baked items, and desserts.


  • This instant whole milk powder’s versatility and quality make it stand out. It comes in a large 2500g bag, so you always have high-quality milk on hand. This milk powder is perfect for bakers, busy parents, and coffee drinkers who like whole milk.
  • Gentle drying removes water from fresh, whole milk to make this powder. Milk’s nutritional value, sweetness, and flavor are maintained, and its shelf life is significantly increased. The vitamins and minerals in fresh milk remain in this preserved version.
  • Easy use makes Instant Whole Milk Powder popular. Mix the powder with water as directed to duplicate the liquid milk’s smooth, rich texture. This versatility lets you change milk thickness and richness to fit recipes or tastes. There are countless choices for creamy sauces, soups, baked items, and desserts.
  • This milk powder also benefits individuals who value storage and shelf life. Its small packaging and lengthy shelf life let you stock up without running out of milk or making repeated store visits. Conscientious shoppers can save time and food waste with this eco-friendly option.
  • Instant Whole Milk Powder is a multipurpose culinary staple with the perfect taste, nutrition, and practicality. This product will be essential for bakers, cooks, and milk lovers. Try it today to see the difference!
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