Peacock – Extralong basmati rice – 10kg


Experience the choice taste of Peacock Extra Lengthy Basmati Rice, famous for its sweet-smelling aroma, sensitive surface, and superior quality. Ideal for making flavorful, fleecy rice dishes, this 10kg pack guarantees you an ample supply for your culinary adventures. Order now for a magnificent feasting experience!

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For rice lovers, try our Extra-Long Basmati Rice, with its rich flavour and unmatched scent. This 10kg box is perfect for families and gourmets who value quality. Our rice is carefully picked from the Himalayan foothills, where the peculiar temperature and rich soil give it a distinct taste and texture.

  • Our Extra-Long Basmati Rice is carefully grown to give refinement to your meals and cook fluffy and non-sticky. This makes it ideal for anything from biryanis and pilaffs to modern dishes. Any kitchen needs it for its variety and quality.
  • Packaging that preserves rice freshness and fragrance is part of our quality promise. Regular usage of the 10kg box ensures you always have excellent rice for meals. For a fancy meal or a basic dish, this Extra-Long Basmati Rice will enhance your cooking.
  • The heating procedure is simple, and each grain expands to many times its original size, creating a tasty and attractive meal. This rice’s regular fragrance will make each meal unforgettable. Besides the fact that this rice tastes and smells great, however, it’s low in fat and without gluten, making it appropriate for many diets.
  • For gourmet cooks, our Extra-Long Basmati Rice is unequalled in quality and can elevate any cuisine. Professional chefs and household cooks love its elongated grains and exquisite texture. Rice may inspire culinary ingenuity.
  • Our Extra-Long Basmati Rice is more than a staple—it’s a gourmet treat that elevates your dining table. Everyone who appreciates quality and authenticity should have it for its length, scent, and taste. Get your dishes to the next level with our premium rice.
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