Peacock Easy cook Long grain rice – 5kg


Enjoy Peacock Easy Cook Long Grain Rice’s high quality. This 5kg bundle of excellent grains guarantees a delicious meal. Every grain cooks perfectly, yielding fluffy, non-sticky results. Chefs and home cooks use Peacock Rice for everything from exotic biryanis to cosy risottos. This pantry staple adds flavour and ease to meals.

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Experience the ease and quality of Easy Cook Long Grain Rice in a big 5kg bag. This rice is blessed to keep each grain independent and feathery subsequent to cooking, making it ideal for occupied families and sharp cooks. Long grain rice is ideally suited for various dinners, from straightforward sides to modern recipes.

  • Easy Cook Long Grain Rice cooks easily. Flush the rice, add it to bubbling water, and stew until delicate. The rice always cooks precisely without sticking or clumping. It’s ideal for stir-fries, casseroles, salads, and as a tasty side.
  • The adaptability of this 5kg long grain rice bundle is a major plus. It complements savoury herbs, spices, sweet fruits, and nuts. This rice can be used for spicy curry, refreshing rice salad, or soothing rice pudding.
  • Easy Cook Long Grain Rice is a cupboard staple for convenience. The 5kg pack guarantees you always have high-quality, easy-to-prepare rice for any meal. It’s great for large families, meal preppers, and cooks and entertainers.
  • Long grain rice gives energy, B nutrients, and iron. It’s low in fat and sans gluten, making it satisfactory for some eating regimens. Basically, adding this rice to your dishes adds nourishment and fulfilment.

The 5kg pack of Easy Cook Long Grain Rice is adaptable, easy, and nutritious for any kitchen. Anyone who enjoys cooking and eating precisely cooked rice needs it for its ease of preparation, flexibility to numerous recipes, and large size.

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