Taste the luscious oxtail from our top cattle. Slow-cooking this cut brings forth its rich flavours and soft texture. Our oxtail’s rich, meaty flavour will enhance any stew or soup.

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Experience the rich, deep flavours of Oxtail, a delicacy adored worldwide for generations. Chefs and ordinary cooks love this premium cut of beef for its softness and distinctive flavour. For a hearty stew, delicious soup, or slow-cooked masterpiece, our oxtail is ideal.

Each piece of our Oxtail is carefully picked from the best animals. The meat is carefully cooked and trimmed to leave the perfect amount of fat for flavour and juiciness. Oxtail is best cooked slowly, as the flesh falls off the bone and the fat melts down, leaving a rich, fragrant meal that is memorable.

Oxtail is beautiful because of its adaptability. It may be the highlight of meals like Jamaican Oxtail Stew, made with butter beans and spices, and Italian Ossobuco, cooked with white wine and broth. Each dish highlights oxtail’s capacity to absorb and enhance flavours.

Nutritionally, oxtail is a powerhouse. It is plentiful in protein and fundamental minerals like iron and zinc and contains a lot of collagen, known for its medical advantages, including supporting joint wellbeing and skin versatility. Coordinating oxtail into your eating regimen not just commitments a blowout for your taste buds yet in addition gives nourishing advantages that help a solid way of life.

Our Oxtail is packaged for easy storage until cooking. It’s ideal for lavish family dinners or special occasions when you want to wow visitors. Our oxtail’s quality and flavour make your meals memorable.

For meat lovers seeking flavour depth, oxtail is a great alternative. The soft texture, rich flavour, and nutritional benefits make it a standout element in any cuisine. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook trying something new, our oxtail will inspire and delight.

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