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Experience the rich taste of Nigerian cuisine with Olu-Olu Poundo Iyan, a convenient 8kg pack of pounded yam flour. Perfect for making smooth and delightful fufu, this simple, easy-to-prepare dinner is a staple in African families. Partake in the legitimate kind of customary traditional yam without the hassle of pounding. Ideal for family dinners and cultural gatherings

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Olu Poundo Iyan, a premium instant pounded yam flour, provides real African food to your home. This 8kg bundle is ideal for big families, restaurants, and anybody who wants rich, smooth-pounded yam without the bother. Many African families and affluent people love Olu Olu Poundo Iyan, made from well picked yams.

  • Pounded yam, or Iyan, is popular throughout West Africa, especially in Nigeria. It is typically created by boiling and mashing yams until smooth and flexible. With Olu Olu Poundo Iyan, you may have the same wonderful outcome in less time. Stir flour and boiling water until it reaches the required consistency, then serve with your favourite soup or stew.
  • Olu Olu Poundo Iyan is healthful and convenient. Yams are high in carbs, which power your day. Fibre, vitamins, and minerals make pounded yam flour a healthful complement to any meal. Gluten-free, it’s appropriate for gluten-sensitive people.
  • The 8kg bag is perfect for frequent pounded yam flour users. It keeps you stocked for family feasts, special events, and cravings. The container keeps flour fresh and moisture-free, preserving quality and flavour.
  • Olu Olu Poundo Iyan tastes pure and real. Pounded yam flour is part of the brand’s commitment to high-quality African cuisine. To replicate the flavor of traditional pounded yams, it is manufactured from 100% natural yams without additions or preservatives.
  • For those who enjoy the flavour and texture of true pounded yam but want a fast and simple recipe, Olu Olu Poundo Iyan is essential. Its nutritious value, huge box size, and genuine flavour appeal to families and chefs. Olu Poundo Iyan’s exquisite flavor and silky texture will wow you whenever you prepare it.
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