Olu Olu Pounded yam-1.8kg


The 1.8-kilogram Olu-Olu Pounded Yam is a genuine, high-quality staple food from Africa. Its smooth, flexible texture, made from carefully chosen yams, is ideal for serving with stews and soups. An easy and tasty addition to any dinner, it’s perfect for a classic African feast.

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Taste authentic African food with this excellent Pounded Yam. This product provides true African yam taste to your home in a practical, easy-to-prepare shape. Whether you’re an African foodie or trying something new, this pounded yam makes a great basis for many traditional cuisines. This product is made from carefully chosen yams to maintain flavour and nutrients, assuring the greatest quality with every meal.

  • Many African homes rely on pounded yam. Its smooth texture and delicate taste make it ideal for African soups and sauces. Making pounded yams from home requires peeling, boiling, and crushing to the right consistency. This product makes preparation fast and simple while maintaining flavour and quality.
  • This 1.8kg box is suitable for small and big families. It’s perfect for family dinners, special events, and days when you want home-cooked food. Resealable packaging keeps the goods fresh. This pounded yam takes just water and a few minutes to make, whether you’re a pro or a novice.
  • Individuals who are worried about their health will love this pounded yam since it is made totally from natural ingredients. It is a healthy enhancement to meals since it gives carbs, fiber, and fundamental supplements. This product is gluten-free for individuals with special diets.
  • Cooking with this pounded yam lets you experience African cuisine’s rich tastes. It tastes well with soups and stews like Egusi, Ogbono, and Efo Riro. It’s a healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian supper due to its flexibility.
  • For true African flavour, this pounded yam is essential. Its flexibility, nutritional content, and convenience make it a great addition to many meals. This product will introduce African food to your house, making dinner parties and family meals special.
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