Old Africa chicken seasoning – 500g


Our Old Africa Chicken Seasoning adds flavour to your recipes with traditional spices. This combination adds depth and taste to classic African-inspired chicken meals.

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The exotic spices in Old Africa Chicken Seasoning make chicken dinners taste great. The right spices and flavours give this preparation a remarkable flavour for barbecuing, broiling, or searing chicken. With each chomp, this preparation’s solid smell and flavour transport you to Africa.

  • Old Africa Chicken Seasoning provides the right spice balance and is versatile. Blend it with olive oil for a decent marinade, or sprinkle it on the chicken before cooking. This preparation will become a kitchen staple in any way you use it.
  • African spices like paprika, garlic, onion, and black pepper make Old Africa Chicken Seasoning taste unique. To enhance chicken meals’ inherent flavours, a delectable seasoning is used. At a family dinner or special function, this seasoning will impress.
  • Old Africa Chicken Seasoning tastes excellent and is healthy. No counterfeit tones, flavours, or additives are in the flavouring. For salt-watchers, its low sodium content is perfect. Old Africa Chicken Seasoning makes healthful, flavorful meals.
  • Experience African flavour with Old Africa Chicken Seasoning. This seasoning will inspire you to cook excellent and memorable dishes, whether a pro or a beginner. Old Africa Chicken Seasoning elevates chicken meals with African flavour.
  • Add African flavours to your cooking with Old Africa Chicken Seasoning. This seasoning provides a rich flavour to poultry meals with a combination of African spices. Old Africa Chicken Seasoning will become a kitchen favourite for grilling, roasting, and frying.
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