Numa – Milled super rice – 5kg


Discover Numa Milled Super Rice 5kg, a premium quality rice that is perfect for your daily meals. This rice is meticulously milled to guarantee a delicious and nourishing inclusion in your diet. Suitable for a diverse range of meals, it is an essential ingredient in any kitchen.

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The flavour and texture of Numa Milled Super Rice are exceptional. This 5kg container of exceptional rice is carefully milled to keep its fragrance and nutritional content from the best rice fields. It makes a flexible basis for risottos, pilaffs, and other cuisines. Any kitchen needs it since its long grains cook fluffy.

  • This rice combines both taste and health. It has a low-fat content, a high energy content, and is abundant in vitamins and minerals. Numa Milled Super Rice is a nutritious choice suitable for both a substantial dinner and a light accompaniment.
  • Cooking this rice is easy. Its non-sticky texture keeps grains separate while cooking. This makes it suitable for meals where rice appearance is as essential as flavour. This premium rice makes it easy to create a range of recipes, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook.
  • For families or people who eat rice often, the 5kg package is handy and affordable. It’s simple to store and lasts a long time, so you always have quality rice. The container keeps rice fresh and contaminant-free so you may enjoy its natural sweetness every meal.
  • Numa Milled Super Rice is tasty and eco-friendly. It’s grown using environmentally friendly methods to preserve rice fields. Choose this rice to support a healthy, environmentally friendly product.
  • For all your rice-based meals, Numa Milled Super Rice is flexible, healthful, and tasty. Its high quality, convenience of preparation, and eco-friendly manufacture make it a kitchen must. This 5kg container of premium rice has great flavour and quality for cooking alone or for a crowd.Top of Form
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