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The genuine taste of Nigeria with Nigerian Taste Poundo Iyan Instant Pounded Yam. This 1.5kg pack offers a fast and simple method for getting a charge out of customary traditional pounded yam without the issue. Ideal for occupied ways of life, it’s an unquestionable requirement for anyone craving authentic Nigerian flavors.

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Enjoy traditional Nigerian food with this excellent Poundo Iyan. Its soft, fluffy texture comes from properly picked yams, making it ideal for classic meals. This Poundo Iyan is perfect for a Nigerian-inspired bowl of pounded yam or a side dish to soups and stews.

  • The 1.5kg packaging makes this product ideal for small family meals and bigger parties. Poundo Iyan makes it simple to make tasty, handmade dishes without the trouble of crushing yams. A delicious meal will be ready in no time when you combine it with hot water.
  • Quality and convenience are combined in this Poundo Iyan. It’s made with premium yams and devoid of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives, making it healthful and natural. Its carbs and energy make it necessary for a balanced diet.
  • The Poundo Iyan is a pantry must for Nigerian food lovers and those seeking new flavors. It delivers Nigerian cooking’s rich tastes to your kitchen and is flexible and simple to use. No matter your cooking expertise, this product will become a mainstay.
  • This Poundo Iyan lets you try Nigerian food and make memories with family and friends. It’s excellent for special events, traditional festivals, or a warming lunch after a hard day. Enjoy the warmth and pleasure of a well-made meal with your favorite soup, stew, or sauce.
  • The 1.5kg Poundo Iyan is the right combination of flavor, convenience, and authenticity. This product will satisfy your cravings for Nigerian food or new tastes. With this wonderful Poundo Iyan, add Nigeria’s lively flavors to your table for every meal.
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